I remember being a small child visiting my Great Auntís farm in Missouri and being mesmerized by her glass paper weight collection, as well as my Grandmotherís Cranberry Glass Goblets. Glass of all kinds draws me. The day I stumbled on glass fusing I believe I found my calling. What a revelation Ė I could make anything my mind could imagine.

I would love to say that creativity and art have always been a part of my life, but I have hard time zoning in on a single memory from childhood where I was creating things. I colored in books, etc. I vaguely remember finger painting, but I am hard pressed to remember hours upon hours of crafts. I mostly remember spending a ton of time outdoors (easy to do growing up in Colorado), which is ironic because if you knew me now I am one of the least outdoorsy people on the planet.

However, I do have a long line of artists in my family. One day I began to tinker with paint and have been going ever since expanding my horizons to new materials, but glass is my passion. To be able to put a design together and then open the kiln to a completed piece of glass is an indescribable feeling.

Fused Glass involves the use of a kiln to heat glass to a temperature of around 1500 degrees. The process is complicated with multiple steps. There are lines of glass specifically for this purpose and specific temperatures are required to fuse, tack fuse or slump glass. For those interested in more information please visit Warm Glass.